Newborn Coming Home Set Linen Collar for baby
Newborn Coming Home Set Linen Collar for baby
Newborn Coming Home Set Linen Collar for baby
Newborn Coming Home Set Linen Collar for baby

Lewis Ecru Newborn Coming Home Set / Linen Collar (5 pcs)

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Color: Ecru
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Cozy Elegance for Your Little Baby:Discover the Perfect Newborn Knitwear Set

Soft whispers of winter, a gentle touch on the skin and memories that will last a lifetime - that's what our knitwear collection promises. Meet the most sought-after baby knitwear set, carefully designed for both style and comfort.

Our Knitwear Collection:
1. Knitted Jumpsuit:
Every stitch tells a story. With its classic cable knit pattern, our jumpsuit is a symbol of timeless elegance. Neutral tones make it perfect for any occasion and ensure your little one is always photo-ready.

2. Soft Cuddle Blanket:
Cuddle them warmly with our beautifully knitted blanket. The linen fabric makes it suitable for swaddling.

3. Beanie Hat:
Our knitted beanie hat keeps your baby warm and stylish at the same time.

4. Knitted Gloves:
Keep little hands warm and protected with our knitted mittens. These skin-softening gloves are the perfect accessory for cooler days.

5. Booties:
Knitted booties will keep your baby's feet warm and allow them to breathe.

Why Choose Our Baby Knitwear Collection?
We believe that it is a pleasure to produce long-lasting products for our field. Every product in this collection has been lovingly crafted to ensure it stands the test of time. It can always be kept as a memory after your baby. From the quality of the yarns to the intricacies of the patterns, this knitwear set is a testament to craftsmanship.

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