Homecoming Set for Newborn Girls
Homecoming Set for Newborn Girls
Homecoming Set for Newborn Girls

Charlotte Newborn Coming Home Set (10 pcs)

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The Enchanting 10-Piece Newborn Princess Ensemble

There's nothing more heartwarming than the first time you dress your little bundle of joy. For those moments, you need attire that captures the pure essence of their innocence and charm. Our 10-piece newborn baby dress set is an embodiment of this emotion, woven into each thread and embellishment.

1. The Majestic Blanket:
Your baby's comfort is paramount, and our soft, 100% cotton blanket promises just that. Adorned with an ornate princess crown interlaced with dazzling crystals and complemented by a delicate pink bow tie, it provides warmth with a touch of royalty.

2. The Royal Jumpsuit:
This piece spells elegance. A regal princess crown bedazzled with shimmering crystals, paired with a soft pink bow tie, ensures your newborn stands out in any gathering. The comfort of 100% cotton ensures she feels as good as she looks.

3. The Elegance of the Long Sleeve Bodysuit:
For those cool breezes or indoor settings, the long-sleeved bodysuit offers both warmth and grace. Embellished with the intricate princess crown and a pink bow tie, it's both snug and stylish.

4. The Charming Bodysuit:
Simple, yet refined. This classic bodysuit is an essential for any newborn. The pristine white 100% cotton fabric is gentle against delicate skin, ensuring utmost comfort during naps or play.

5. The Royal-Touched Pants:
Every detail matters. These pants, adorned with subtle pink bow tie accents, offer a perfect balance of style and comfort. They're easy to slip on and promise a fit that won't restrict those tiny kicking feet.

6. The Aristocratic Bib:
Meal times can be messy, but with our bib, they'll always be stylish. Embellished with the signature princess crown and pink bow tie, it's functional elegance at its finest.

7. The Enchanted Booties:
Soft steps or tiny wiggles, our booties are crafted to celebrate each motion. With a gentle pink bow tie, they're a blend of comfort and style, ensuring warmth for those tiny toes.

8. The Crowned Hat:
A crown for your little princess. Our hat, adorned with the iconic princess crown and pink bow tie, is both a fashion statement and a cozy haven against chilly drafts.

9. The Pristine Cloth:
Every touch should be gentle. Crafted from 100% pure cotton, our cloth promises a soft touch against your baby's skin, making clean-ups or swaddles an absolute delight.

10. The Delicate Mittens:
Protect those tiny hands without compromising on style. Our mittens, with the enchanting pink bow tie details, ensure warmth and safety, preventing unintentional scratches.

Dressing your newborn is a rite of passage, an emotion, a memory in the making. Our 10-piece baby dress set is more than just attire—it's an experience. Made with love, crafted with care, and designed for those precious firsts, it's a tribute to every little princess's enchanting journey of life.

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