Homecoming Set for Newborn Boys
Homecoming Set for Newborn Boys

Henry Royal Blue Newborn Coming Home Set (10 pcs)

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The Ultimate Newborn Baby King's Set: 100% Cotton Elegance for Your Little Royal

Introducing our premier 10-product hospital exit set for newborns – a collection that embodies royal elegance and ultimate comfort. Every piece in this exquisite set has been meticulously crafted from the finest 100% cotton to ensure that your little one experiences nothing but pure luxury right from his very first day.

1. Majestic Blanket:
Wrap your baby in the soft embrace of our plush blanket, embellished with a regal king crown decorated with glistening crystals. Accented with a royal sax blue bow tie, it's the perfect blend of comfort and luxury, ensuring your baby feels snug and cherished.

2. Royal Jumpsuit:
Our jumpsuit, adorned with the sophisticated king crown and crystal detailing, promises ease and elegance. The royal sax blue bow tie accent adds a touch of regality, making every moment special.

3. Long Sleeve Bodysuit – A Regal Embrace:
Deck your baby in our magnificent long sleeve bodysuit. Featuring the majestic king crown and crystal motifs, it's the epitome of sophistication. The perfect attire for your little prince's grand entrance!

4. Classy Pants with a Twist:
Every prince needs his comfortable pants, and ours come with the stylish royal sax blue bow tie detail. It's a perfect blend of functionality and flair, ensuring your baby is always in vogue.

5. Essential Bodysuit:
Our classic bodysuit, crafted from 100% cotton, is the backbone of this set, ensuring your baby's utmost comfort at all times.

6. Bib – Dining in Style:
Meal times get a regal touch with our bib, accentuated with the alluring royal sax blue bow tie detail. Now, even the little spills become occasions of elegance!

7. Booties – Royalty at Every Step:
Our booties, adorned with the royal sax blue bow tie detail, keep your baby's feet warm and stylish. A true representation of luxury and comfort combined.

8. Regal Hat:
Protect your baby's delicate head with our hat, featuring the iconic king crown and crystal detailing. It's not just an accessory; it's a crown of comfort.

9. Gentle Cloth:
Crafted from pure cotton, our cloth ensures the gentlest touch for your baby's soft skin, making cleaning moments serene and comfortable.

10. Mittens – Comfort in Every Touch:
Our mittens, highlighted with the royal sax blue bow tie detail, keep your baby's hands warm and prevent accidental scratches, all while adding a touch of royalty.

Why Choose Our Newborn Baby King's Set?
In the realm of baby essentials, our set stands unparalleled. Parents searching for "luxury hospital exit baby dress set" or "royal newborn clothing set" will find our collection as the pinnacle of quality and style. Every item promises durability and luxury, ensuring those first memories are both comfortable and grand.

Make your baby's first journey from the hospital an event of regal splendor with our 100% cotton newborn baby king's set. Celebrate these treasured moments in style, knowing your little one is wrapped in pure comfort and luxury.

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