Baby Dress - New Year

Baby Dress - New Year

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      Party dresses for New Year

      New Year and the New Year's Eve are full of hopes, wishes, excitement and expectations for all of us. We all want to be at our best that day. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to open the presents waiting for us under the Christmas tree decorated with green and red, the symbolic colors of the new year? Do you remember how excited we were when we were kids with this wonderful feeling? As THA Dressing, we work for babies and girls to enjoy this perfect feeling and have an unforgettable New Year’s Day. We work tirelessly every day to make babies and girls happy when they look at the photos of the New Year's celebration, which happens only once a year, after many years.

      You know how unforgettable the memories of the special days we had as babies are for us. As THA Dressing, our aim is to be a part of these unforgettable moments and to contribute to these happy moments, even if it is small. There are both one-piece dresses and dress sets among our new year outfits that you can dress your baby for both New Year's parties and concept photo shoots. We are sure that your baby will be dazzling for your new year party with our one-piece dresses. In addition, your baby will be the sweetest part of the new year celebration with the cute shoes and accessories in our dress sets. We can't even imagine how cute your baby will look in her dress in the photos to be taken at the New Year celebration!

      We have worked diligently on every detail so that the special dresses we have prepared for your little angels reflect the spirit of the New Year. We have brought together green and red fabrics, sequins, crowns, belts and ribbons, which are colors identified with the New Year's Day, for your special day. You can choose the piece that best suits your party concept and taste from our collection, which we are sure to have a New Year's dress design for everyone's taste.

      We know that parents think about all the details for their children that they do not think about for themselves, and of course they want the best for them. For this reason, we attach importance to using the best quality fabrics and to use the most comfortable designs for the children in the party dresses we produce for your precious babies and girls. Whether the dress we produce is a sequined and fluffy dress or a sweet New Year's dress with a reindeer pattern, we create our designs by considering your baby's comfort and happiness first. The most important thing for us is that priceless smile that will appear on your baby's face when he puts on the THA Dressing dress on New Year's Day!

      Each of our new year dresses, which we produce for the sweetest baby girl in the new year celebration, is produced by expert tailors as a handicraft. Each of our new year dresses, which are specially designed and produced for all our customers, has the value of being a completely special design for you. We carefully select each yarn to be used in our New Year's dresses that we produce using high quality fabrics. To make sure that the New Year's dresses you purchased from us for your baby girl to wear on this special day are of the best possible quality, we go through a final check before delivering them to you. In order for the dress, you have chosen for your New Year's celebration to be just as you dreamed, you can order with the most suitable measurements by contacting the expert consultants who can always help you. We leave a seam allowance of 2.5 cm in each of the dresses you buy for your baby from THA Dressing, considering in advance the case of making minor changes to your baby girl's dress, if necessary. For the New Year's dress, you prefer for your baby, be sure to inform us of any details you would like to specify to our tailors during your ordering process, and we will ensure that your dress is exactly as you imagined it.

      We pack each of our dresses that we deliver to you for the special days of baby girls living all over the world, in a safe way to avoid any mishaps. We work day and night with contracted distribution companies all over the world so that your baby's dress will reach you on the day we promised to catch up with your New Year celebration.

      We carefully prepare all our orders and consider your satisfaction as the most important thing. For this reason, we offer you customer service within the scope of our guarantee in case you experience any problems with your purchases from us. If there is any quality problem in the dresses you bought for your baby from THA Dressing, we give you the right to return them free of charge within a period of 30 days. At the same time, if the New Year's dress you received is damaged, defective or mixed in the cargo, we will refund you the entire price of the product you have purchased.

      As THA Dressing, which is one click away for the celebrations of your most special days, we are working to make your baby happy, who will grow up to be the strong women of the future! When your baby grows up and looks at old New Year's photos, we want him to see himself in one of our wonderful dresses and remember that happiness and be filled with peace.

      We believe that happiness is a value that multiplies when shared. We would be very happy if you could share with us your happy new year celebration photos and your baby's THA Dressing dress. Because what motivates us is seeing the happiness of babies in their gorgeous dresses!

      We hope that your New Year's celebrations and all other special days will be even better than you imagined. Stay happy!