Top 10 Sale Baby Christmas Dresses

Every year, when the month of December approaches, we are all excited about Christmas and the new year. Even in the first days of December, the streets begin to be decorated with lights and the Christmas trees are decorated with colorful and glittering ornaments. With the effect of this magical environment, we feel as if we are in a Christmas movie. As in the Christmas movies, the whole family prepares a huge tree and they decorate it together. Stockings are hung in the fireplace for each family member, the entire house is decorated with Christmas colors of red and green, reindeer, snowflakes and of course gift wrapping under the tree! What is the most exciting moment of Christmas day, if not the moment of opening those gift packages? Children are definitely the ones who get the most excited! Because the magical world of Christmas day is a thousand times more magical in the eyes of children who already have a colorful world. That's why we think it's so important to provide an unforgettable Christmas experience for kids. As THA Dressing, our purpose is to make a small contribution to a wonderful Christmas day that your baby girls will never forget!

One of the most important parts of our childhood photos that keep our happy memories is the clothes we wear. When we grow up and look at our childhood photos and see our forgotten clothes, don't those happy moments come to life as if they were yesterday? We have examined for you how you can choose suitable dresses for these unforgettable moments according to the age of your baby girls.

But first, let's introduce THA Dressing's 10 most popular dresses for you!

Are you ready?

Here are 10 Top Sale Baby Christmas Dresses

  1. Abigail: With its white, red and black colors, the Abigail collection is indispensable for an elegant party. Our customers love this collection. It is both very stylish and suitable for the most beautiful night of the year with its every color.
  2. Allison: A true Christmas star. There is nothing better for Christmas. A flawless dress in green, red and embellished with an extraordinary bow. Ideal for baby girls and little girls alike.
  3. Fiona: The two red dresses of the Fiona series are very similar to each other, but they are different. One has tulle detail on the top. But they're both beautiful and so red to keep the Christmas spirit alive!
  4. Francesca: So noble, so dignified and definitely elegant. Francesca is one of the most preferred Christmas evenings.
  5. Gabrielle: Red looks great for Christmas, yes, but burgundy is something else! More noble and definitely very special.
  6. Jamie: The Jamie series is a complete party series. Jamie Series, which is one of the most preferred dress series by our customers for Christmas, has two wonderful colors: red and black. Sequins, sequins, bows are all perfect for Christmas!
  7. Josephine: The red and blue colors of the Josephine series are indispensable for the most admired! So vintage, so romantic and unforgettable!
  8. Kourtney: Is the party very important and big? Then your choice should be Kourtney. When you meet him, you will immediately understand what we mean.
  9. Nicole - Red: Sequin-covered top and all-layered skirts. The red dress of the Nicole series is one of the indispensables of Christmas!
  10. Ophelia Red: An elegant tail decorated with tulle and feathers, the most beautiful shade of red, the brightest of scales and the sweetest girl of Christmas! Ophelia Red that's it!


Baby Christmas dresses 3-6 months

Even though our baby girls can't choose their own dresses when they're 6 months old or younger, we love seeing them in gorgeously cute dresses. We're sure you want to do a lot of research for your baby girls to wear a very special dress on the first Christmas day of their lives. But there is no need for that. You can find the perfect dress for you and your baby girl by checking out our Christmas dress options at THADressing. Here's a tip for you: we especially recommend checking out the Merry dress set for your little baby girls. Your baby girls will fully experience the Christmas spirit with the dress models in this set.


Baby Christmas dresses 6-12 months

From 6 months to 12 months, baby girls gradually begin to examine and become aware of their surroundings more carefully. For this reason, the dresses that we dress our baby girls in this period are of particular importance. Floral-themed dresses such as Fiona Red especially suit baby girls in this age range, and these dress models are very pleasing to baby girls.


Baby Christmas dresses 12-18 months

Especially girls older than 18 months start to care about the clothes they wear. We are sure that your baby girls will be very happy when you choose a Christmas dress, taking into account the taste of your baby girls, whose clothing tastes and preferences are developing. We have prepared beautiful dresses for you that your baby girls can wear on an unforgettable day like a Christmas party and that they will look at the photos of that day and remember those moments years later.

Baby girls and Christmas Dresses

If deer, plaid patterns and pine trees, which are the leading symbols of Christmas, attract your baby girls' attention, we recommend you to examine our Merry series of dresses, which are just right for them. The Merry line includes dress designs suitable for both newborn babies and older baby girls. Your baby will be like a Christmas fairy with the Merry series, which is waiting for your baby girls as a complete combination with hair accessories and shoes.

You can also consider choosing burgundy colored dresses for your baby girls for your Christmas party. Our burgundy dress models such as Josephine, Jamie and Gabrielle are among the best options for a stylish look.

Kourtney, Nicole Red, Francesca and Shay dress models designed to make your baby girls look like a real princess are also among the models that must be considered for your Christmas party. Kourtney and Nicole models are sure to be a hit with baby girls, with sequin designs and layered puffy skirts. Francesca and Shay dress models, on the other hand, are a wonderful dress that captures the perfect harmony of gray and red.

Baby girls always want to wear their mom's furry and cool clothes and go for a walk. If you want to make their dreams come true at the Christmas party, Serena Red and Ophelia Red models are definitely for you. These models are sure to make your baby girls the coolest girl of the party.


We recommend that you be prepared for your baby girl, who will shine with her Christmas dress, to overshadow you. Your baby girls deserve all the attention they get on Christmas day, which is very special to them. In addition, we have a few more suggestions. If your Christmas party will coincide with the night, you can choose a more comfortable dress for your baby girl. You can even choose two different Christmas dresses and make it possible for your daughter to have a star-studded Christmas day. At the same time, you can make your baby girl feel like a princess by completing the special Christmas party dress you prefer with accessories such as a crown.


At THA Dressing, expert tailors work diligently for each of the dresses designed for baby girls. We strive to ensure that our dresses, which we produce by choosing the best quality of all materials, are of the quality that will suit your baby girls. Our tailors, who carefully sew each dress, can also make changes on the dress designs for the orders we receive. In cases where you want to make changes on the dress designs you have chosen for your baby girls, just let us know. After you have determined the Christmas dress model you want, you can determine the dimensions you want from the appropriate measurements section on our website so that the dress is suitable for your baby girls, and at the same time, you can get help from expert consultants from our support team.


We can't imagine the excitement of your baby girl the first time she sees the specially chosen Christmas dress for her. As THA Dressing, we are working for this happiness! We would be very happy if you would like to share with us a photo of your baby girl's happiness while wearing her Christmas dress!


Wish your baby girls have an unforgettable Christmas party and feel like a princess all day. Happy new year!

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