Best Pink Baby and Girl Dresses

Of course, we at THA Dressing know that being a parent is not easy and can be a stressful job in many situations. That's why we believe that choosing the most suitable baby clothes for your child should not be a stressful task for you. As THA Dressing, we are proud to show you our very cute design collection for babies and toddlers! We can safely say that our baby dresses are suitable for all kinds of special events, be it birthdays or weddings, both small and large. 

Pink baby wedding dress

You can easily dress the smallest members of your family with our most beautiful pink baby wedding dresses and accessories that match these baby dresses. At THA Dressing, we offer you wonderful dresses for all toddlers, starting from newborn babies up to 2 years old. Your children will be able to reveal how cute they are with the dresses that are lovingly made from materials carefully selected for the sensitive nature of your children and suitable for every theme and environment :). In addition to baby dresses, you can complete your children's little and sweet looks by using accessories such as cute socks, sweet headbands and shoes that match the dress you have carefully chosen!

We have prepared a list of suggestions for our pink baby wedding dresses by taking the opinions of many mothers about the clothes of your little ones:

  • First of all, the comfort of your babies is very important and therefore their clothes should be comfortable.
  • They should be in harmony with the wedding concept and colors prepared by the bride and groom. If the theme of the wedding is pink, we can safely say that the comfortable structures of Maria Pink and Sofia Pink designs will suit your babies very well.
  • You may want a more modest and simpler dress at the wedding. As a simpler and more modest choice, you can consider our models like Rebecca Pink and Sofia Pink. Both models will suit your children very well thanks to their simple nature!
  • It is useful to remember again that the comfort of our little girls is very important. Therefore, useful and easy clothes are extremely important for our baby girls, especially since they will be wearing these sweet clothes almost all day. You can take a look at Violet Pink and Amy Pink models as examples of comfortable and useful dresses.

It is more important to us than almost anything else that our little girls are healthy and have no problems. Therefore, it will be healthy for both your daughter and you if you take care to use shoes that will not harm their feet and accessories that will not cause problems on their bodies.

If you think that more spacious shades of pink would suit your baby girl's outfit selection, you can check out our Leaf pink and Camila pink options. You can make your daughter the most glamorous child at the wedding with these dresses thanks to their fresh and heartwarming tones!

If you wish, you can get a richer design by adding accessories such as a crown, wings or scepter to your daughter. Our Violet Pink model will be very suitable for such a choice that can be more flashy. We're almost sure your daughter will love this design!


Of course, one of the most important things at the wedding is that the bride and groom want what they want, but it is perhaps just as important that your children are comfortable and stylish. We wish you a good wedding accompanied by beautiful and elegant dresses, which are indispensable for a pleasant ceremony!


Pink baby dresses for Easter

Easter is coming. The new generations are not as knowledgeable as the old ones about the traditionally celebrated Easter in many countries. In order for our children to feel the meaning of special days such as Easter, they need to live those days in a unique way. It is a tradition that symbolizes Easter bunnies, chicks and all the beauty of spring. It symbolizes the opening of flowers, the birth of lambs and the awakening of nature. It also brings joy, hope and happiness to our souls.

Easter is the holiday of new beginnings.

So let's celebrate Easter together in the most beautiful and stylish way.

Wouldn't you like to buy a beautiful dress for your own child, grandchildren, nephews or your friends' children for this Easter that brings joy, hope and happiness?

At THA Dressing we have some great options to make your Easter holiday perfect:

  •  We recommend you to take a look at the Anastasia Pink or Angelina Pink models, which are considered classic designs for Easter. With these clothes, your children will adapt to theEaster environment.
  • If you want a lighter tone, our Ariella Party outfit may be very suitable for you. Your baby girl will be super cute in this dress!
  • If you are looking for something comfortable, you can look at the Cara Light Pink or Clara Pink models. Comfort is sometimes more important than anything for our children!
  • If you are looking for a flashy look at Easter for your child, our Diana Pink and Eliza Hot Pink dresses will easily meet what you are looking for. After all, the more beautiful our child is, the more beautiful we feel, right?
Let's not forget to mention our Emily Light Pink model for a simple beauty! If you're thinking of something simpler, you should definitely take a look!


As THA Dressing, we can offer you many more models in addition to the above.


Happy Easter to the whole family! We hope it will be fun for all of you!


Pink baby dresses for Birthday

A person becomes a child once, right? So, we should enjoy this period! As THA Dressing team, our job is to design and sew dresses that fit children's dreams and to deliver these dresses on time. We are working to deliver the clothes to our children without any problem, wherever they are in the world. Of course, every party is important, but birthday parties are a little more special. Celebrating the healthy growth of children is just as important as celebrating their birth.


Dresses suitable for birthday parties should also suit children's dreams. Up to the age of 2, mothers can take this responsibility on their own behalf, but then the opinion of our children should also be taken.


As THA Dressing for birthdays, we have listed the most suitable pink birthday dresses for our baby girls:


  • If you want your daughter to be stylish and flashy on her birthday, you can take a look at Cara Rose Gold, Felicity Pink Flower or Felicity Hot Pink models. There's nothing more natural than wanting our daughter to be stylish and sweet on her birthday, right?
  • If we know that our daughter is fond of comfort, then you can consider our Helena Pink and Irina Pink options. After all, comfort is sometimes one of the most important factors.
  • If a more natural and simple look is desired, you can take a look at the Jessica Party model. With these models, it will be almost impossible to find someone more plain and cute than your baby girl on her birthday!
  • If you are looking for a stylish but elegant model, we can easily recommend the Julia Party model for your birthday. Elegance is indeed one of the most important qualities that can be found in an outfit!


Happy birthday to every child! We hope all her wishes come true as she blows the birthday cake! Of course, all the children of the world are very valuable, but it is not only their clothes that are valuable. The most important thing is that our children are both happy and safe!

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